How to increase my chances of getting the loan approved?

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Hey, you there. Yourself, who has been denied your loan application and thinks you have no alternative to go out of the red or make a dream come true. Pay attention, as we will give you some valuable tips to learn how to increase your chances of getting approved first!

Well, the first step to increasing your chances is to plan yourself.

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Spending planning can be done on a simple Excel table, in a notebook, or in a book on financial education, such as Kakebo. However, it is important that you record all your expenses, whether they are fixed or not. For a better organization, some still indicate the separation of these into categories such as: culture, outings, food and drink, household expenses, etc. This will allow you to better observe the outflow of your money. As well as the amount of money spent on superfluous goods or unnecessary activities. Once that is done, conscious consumption will naturally be faced by you, which will save you money.

The second step is to pay the bills on time.

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This is a tip that seems obvious, but it is not! Do you know when you have that little money in your hand and you don’t know if you pay the phone bill or go out with your friends to take that church? Well, I have some bad news: always give preference to accounts. The tour you leave for the following month or combine a free ride. This is because when applying for credit, financial institutions will analyze your banking history. It is through this analysis that you can verify that you are a good payer. Therefore, a good option for the forgotten is to put some accounts into automatic debit.

The third point to increase your chances: keep the name clean.

Again, this point is essential for credit review and approval by financial institutions. This is because the client whose name is clear generates reliability. Now, tell me, who wants to lend money to those who are reputed to be underpaid? I think we already know the answer, right? And with banks and finance is no different. Of course, some companies work with loans for people with the dirty name. However, usually, interest rates are much higher, to ensure the receipt even if the customer does not quite owe the debt.

And here’s the fourth tip: Signing up can help you get credit lines.

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This is the case of those who are autonomous, for example, and who cannot prove their own income. From this, you will be able to prove to the bank or lender with whom you want to make a deal that you have a certain amount of income as well as that you pay your bills on time.

In addition, the fifth point concerns bank movement. It’s important that you keep your account moving, that is, deposit money with it, withdraw it, make purchases on your card, etc. Thus, by analyzing your profile, financial institutions will be able to better understand your financial life as well as your purchasing power and can approve your credit application more easily.

If you have old debts, here’s the sixth tip: negotiate with your lender and do everything you can.

However, during the process, it is important that you do not fret over the possibility of getting out of the red. Think rationally, do not math and commit more than 20% of your monthly income to repay debts.

Anyway, checking your score score and making it high are central actions for anyone who wants to apply for a credit. You can do this on trusted CPF consultation sites, such as

If you’re a little lost and don’t know what this score is, check out our article that explains everything about it here. But in a nutshell, it is a score ranging from 0 to 1000, and is assigned to all consumers. It exposes to the market the chance of the person paying their bills over a period of one year. This way, the higher your score, the higher the reliability you give banks and, consequently, the higher the chances of getting a loan!


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